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    Baosteel Energy won the bid of technical renovation of sintering machine gas denitrification in Cangzhou CEM

    On the basis of refining the 4# sintering denitrification project of Baosteel, Shanghai Baosteel Energy Service Co., Ltd. (Baosteel Energy) successfully won the bid of Cangzhou CEM technical renovation of 1 # 240m2, 4 # 260m2, 5 # 180m2 sintering machine gas denitrification project.

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    Commissioning of unmanned casting technology for continuous casting

    The unmanned casting technology is the key scientific research technique for the intelligent manufacturing of Baosteel Engineering. According to the arrangement of related equipment and through simulation modeling, the robot can complete the installation and disassembly of the long nozzle, the cleaning of the long nozzle, the oxygen burning of the long nozzle, the temperature sampling of the tundish and the adding of the covering agent in the tundish instead of manual operation.

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    Baosteel Assembled Steel Structure Green Building Industry Research Center Unveiled

    Recently, in order to speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and build the comprehensive service capacity of the whole industrial chain of the assembled steel structure, Baosteel Construction Design has a joint construction of “Baosteel assembly steel structure green building industry research center”.

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