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Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

It is committed to the process-oriented industries (steel, petrochemicals, nonferrous metals) and heavy equipment manufacturing industries's industrial and building energy-saving, community energy center construction, urban public system energy saving and environmental protection comprehensive solutions. It carries out a variety of new energy technologies' introduction, research and development, production and service including new wind power and photoelectricity, and achieve a human community of "green power, a better future".

Building Community Energy Optimization System

We have integrated technology of construction equipment energy efficiency assessment, central air conditioning and water heating system test analysis, water heating system energy efficiency testing, building electricity sub-metering, justifiability analysis of energy requirement for comfort , cold and heat source type selection optimization, construction energy equipment operation and management optimization, energy transmission and distribution system test and analysis, external wall insulation, ground (water) source heat pump system optimization, water pump and fan variable frequency optimization, low electric storage heating(ice) and intelligent energy management system technology. We provide a package of energy optimization solutions for buildings and communities and energy-saving design consultation and low-carbon and intelligent energy system optimization configuration for the construction of new buildings.

-Jinjiang Group Magnolia Hotel  heat and cold source energy saving renovation

Shanghai Jinjiang Magnolia Hotel building area is20,000 m2. The original heating and cooling system has two chillers for cooling and two fuel oil hot water boilers for heating and preparation of sanitary hot water. The two boilers are spares for each other. The original system fuel oil boiler carbon emission is high and there is pollution to the environment. The operation cost is also high. The chiller efficiency is reduced after running for many years and the pump type selection is not reasonable.

On the basis of systematic analysis of hotel energy consumption, we raise energy-saving system solution. We annually reduce the use of about 150T of primary energy diesel and implement it by way of contract energy management approach and annually Magnolia Hotel saves more than 700000 yuan of operating cost .

-Baosteel Headquarter air conditioning distribution system energy-saving renovation

Baosteel Headquarter air conditioning system original design is conservative. The original selected pump transmission capacity is too large, causing energy waste in the chilling and cooling water pump transmission operation. After renovation, it adopts central air-conditioning intelligent control system. Pump motor operation power is reduced and the pump energy-saving reaches 40% of energy saving effect. Annual reduction of operating costs is more than 300000 yuan.



-Shanghai Park Hotel cooling tower fan energy saving renovation

Located in the bustling Nanjing West Road, Shanghai Park Hotel is Shanghai's landmark building. After running for many years, the building central air conditioning system efficiency is reduced. Diagnostic analysis shows that cooling tower undercapacity is the key factor in affecting the efficiency of chillers. Reasonable renovation of cooling tower main body and fan from the source solves the central air conditioning undercapacity and improves the efficiency of system operation. At the same time it solves the CBD noise pollution problem, improves the top-level room comfort, realizes 20% of system energy saving and reduces system operation cost.